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by Salees Online (Wednesday, 10th December 2014)

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Catalog  >  Salees  »  Salees BBQ Chicken Slice (300gm) - Pack of 2 Newer Item
  • Salees BBQ Chicken Slice (300gm) - Pack of 2
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Salees BBQ Chicken Slice (300gm) - Pack of 2

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Salees BBQ Chicken Slice

Commanly known as 'Bakkwa' in hokkien Chinese is a grilled dried savory sweet cured meat with a tinge of smokey flavor, a delicacy anjoyed by the Chinese as snack in particularly during Chinese New Year. It can be use as a condiment with fried rice, pizza topping, sandwich filling or just simply eat it on it's own at any time.

Now Salees brings this delicacy which is made from both halal chicken for everyone, especially Muslims who enjoy eating Chinese cuisine. This product is certified halal by JAKIM.

Note: Free delivery with a minimum order of 4 packs per order


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